NOSH.COM: Atlantic Sea Farms launches new branding

Same us, new look! Consumers will start seeing our new labels and boxes hitting shelves across the country. We’re here to probe that regenerative, family-farmed seaweed is the most climate-friendly food on the planet, and connect more people with that impactful, nourishing, regenerative process of sea farming. Look for our new labels near you and scan the QR code on the back to Meet the Kelp Farmers!

“Now more than ever, consumers are seeking real and transparent connections to the people who grow their food,” says Atlantic Sea Farms Chief Marketing Officer, Jesse Baines. “Through our new packaging and interactive content, we are helping consumers connect directly to the family sea farmers growing their food. Right from the package they can learn about a centuries-old maritime heritage, the exciting benefits of farming kelp for our oceans, why kelp is a superfood, and how to cook with it. There’s so much to say about this growing industry and we knew our customers wanted to better understand what they’re supporting when they choose our brand.”


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