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Our Ocean is changing – but there is hope.

Fishing families are known for ingenuity, stewardship, and fierce independence. That’s why we knew that working with our own coastal communities to cultivate kelp is the best way to take positive action in the face of climate change. Together we are helping to diversify coastal incomes, reduce ocean acidification, and grow, harvest, and share delicious, sustainable, and mineral-rich sea greens with the world.

We work with working waterfront communities to help them start their own kelp farms. We provide free seed and technical assistance to help these farmers get farm leases, set up their gear, learn how to seed and harvest, and a multi-year contract for free seed and guaranteed purchase. These people are the soul of our business and we are proud to introduce you to them.

why are fishermen

farming seaweed?

Maine’s fishing families have long understood the importance of being good stewards of the ocean, and now kelp farming is providing a new opportunity to feed people and improve coastal livelihoods while taking care of the waters they have worked for generations.

Watch ‘Meet the Kelp Farmers’ to hear from Atlantic Sea Farms partner farmers and their families.

Maine Ocean Farms
Freeport, Maine
Cole Baines
Spruce Head, Maine
Jeff & Beth Putnam
Chebeague Island, Maine
Mike Hyvarinen
Spruce Head, Maine
Karen Cooper
North Haven, Maine
Bangs Island Mussels
Bangs Island Mussels
Portland, Maine
Abby Barrows
Deer Isle, Maine
American Mussel Harvesters
Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island
Elijah Brice
Eastport, Maine
Brian Tarbox
Spruce Head, Maine
Steve Train
Long Island, Maine
Josh & Shey Conover
Islesboro, Maine
Scott & Sheena Lord
Port Clyde, Maine
Greg Morris
Port Clyde, Maine
Bob Baines
Spruce Head, Maine
Blake Dickinson & Zach Pettit
Freeport, Maine
Stewart Hunt
Yarmouth, Maine
Greg Perkins
Stockton Springs, Maine
Justin Papkee
Long Island, Maine
Nate Johnson
Long Island, Maine
Keith Miller
Spruce Head, Maine
Richard Philbrook
Spruce Head, Maine
Alex Hutchins & Jodi Brewer
Southport, Maine


with us

Do you work on the water? Farming seaweed is proving to be a great way for fishermen and aquaculturists to diversify their incomes and shore up against the shifting tides of climate change. If you run an active maritime business and are interested in learning more about what a farming partnership with Atlantic Sea Farms looks like, we’d love to hear from you.