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Now, more than ever, we need food sources that can positively impact the economic and environmental health of our coastal communities. Climate change is already making landfall on coastal communities in the US, and our future depends on finding new ways for fishing families to work on the water while improving the health of our oceans.

By working alongside fishing families to cultivate regenerative kelp on open ocean sea farms, we have grown to represent the majority of farmed seaweed in the US. In only a few short years we have made our products available in grocery stores, restaurants, and ingredient supply chains across the country, all while putting our small-holder farmers first. We know that we can build a food system that prioritizes farmers, the environment, and health of consumers, and are working to make seaweed a shining example of how our food systems can and should work.

We’re a team of chefs, seaweed scientists, sustainability savants, market drivers, food safety and production pros, community builders, and aquaculture experts. We know that GOOD FOOD SHOULD DO GOOD and work every day to expand our positive impact on people and planet.


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Do you work on the water? Farming seaweed is proving to be a great way for fishermen and aquaculturists to diversify their incomes and shore up against the shifting tides of climate change. If you run an active maritime business and are interested in learning more about what a farming partnership with Atlantic Sea Farms looks like, we’d love to hear from you.

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