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“Want to eat one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, one that’s great for the environment and actually helps sustain local Maine fishing communities, too? Of course you do. So start buying kelp.” – Ray Isle for Food & Wine Magazine

The Special double Holiday edition of Food & Wine Magazine is chock full of recipe wisdom, but we are pretty partial to Ray Isle’s list of to-do’s for the holiday season highlighting why more of us should be adding rope-grown Maine kelp to the menu in 2022. This two page spread also features an Atlantic Sea Farms Seaweed & Greens Salad recipe that we are definitely adding to the regular rotation. 

Pick up your copy today. It’s a keeper!

Considering a new kind of New Year resolution
This New Year, we are resolving to eat MORE foods that are making a real, positive impact on people and planet in 2022.

Rather than focusing on unhealthy, body negative diets, here are a few ways to make better food choices and a positive impact in the face of climate change:

  • Eat More Kelp! You know this. Here are some recipes to support your culinary kelp adventures! Or just make a smoothie. Shop our smoothie cube line right here!
  • Choose local and in season, fresh-frozen, or naturally pickled or fermented whenever possible. It’s often more affordable, more nutritious, and just tastes better. Find us near you.
  • Choose companies that support independent family farms. There are lots of brands at your local grocery store that are looking out for small farmers, and working to unravel the mistakes made by an extractive food system. We take the people-first approach: Meet our partner farmers!

There are so many more ways to consider people and planet with every purchase. We hope you’ll join us in working to do better, together, every year. Here’s to a happy 2022!

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