Join Atlantic Sea Farms, the New England Ocean Cluster, Chef Barton Seaver and lobsterman and aquaculturist Greg Perkins for a great discussion. We chatted about the 2020 harvest, how seaweed operations have changed, and what we’re all looking forward to in the coming months. Over 200 of you signed up to be part of the event Live, and we are so grateful for everyone’s participation in this super important conversation!


  • Briana Warner | President/CEO, Atlantic Sea Farms
  • Jesse Baines | Sales & Marketing Director, Atlantic Sea Farms
  • James Crimp | Kelp Supply Director, Atlantic Sea Farms 
  • Greg Perkins | Lobsterman & Grower from Stockton Springs, ME
    Greg’s career on the water is the product of his own determination, hard work, and time in the Maine Lobster Apprenticeship Program. Today, Greg is a lobster fisherman out of Stockton Springs, a beautiful harbor at the mouth of the Penobscot River, and keeps himself busy and on the water all year round by crabbing and growing kelp in the winter, as well as spending time with his awesome five-year-old son.
  • Barton Seaver | Chef. Author. Sustainable Food Expert. “Barton Seaver is one of the world’s leading sustainable seafood experts and educators. Before leaving the restaurant industry to pursue interests in sustainable food systems, he was an award-winning chef leading top seafood restaurants in Washington, DC. After traveling the world with the National Geographic Society, he translated his experiences into his leadership in the area of sustainable seafood innovations.” bio courtesy of

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