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Find our versatile Ready-Cut Kelp and Kelp Cubes in the Northeast at Hannaford Supermarkets! Remember, kelp loves growing in those frozen winter ocean temperatures, and it stores beautifully in your freezer at home too! Give your meals and smoothies an ocean mineral boost with these delicious sea greens.


When you’re getting your groceries delivered, you can officially add Atlantic Sea Farms seaweed to your Fresh Direct orders! Whether you want a bite of superfood deliciousness right out of the jar with our Fermented Seaweed Salad, or some Ready-Cut Kelp for throwing into your own home cooked recipes, Fresh Direct has got you covered 👍 


Our Sprouts Farmers Market presence is growing 🌱 Sprouts has been carrying Ready-Cut Kelp and Kelp Cubes since last spring – and now they just added our Wild Blueberry & Ginger Kelp Cubes AND our Cranberry Kelp Cubes to their shelves – so it’s never hard to find some clean, superfood kelp when you’re shopping at Sprouts! 

You can always find our products across the country at locations like Wegmans, MOM’s Organic, Whole Foods, and many independent grocery stores. Check out our Where to Buy page!

celebrating the launch of our sustainable superfood boosted kelp cubes!

Introducing two new ways to boost your superfood smoothies! Our new kelp cubes pack in awesome flavor, antioxidants, iodine, fiber, and are made with New England-grown non-GMO ingredients you can feel great about!

We’re rolling these babies out to freezer sections near you, nationwide, and in the meantime, you can order from us online or buy at Sprouts Market! Have a favorite store where you want to see Atlantic Sea Farms Kelp Cubes?

Great! Here’s your mission – email info@atlanticseafarms.com to let us know where you’d like to see our new cubes!

“I’d love to see your new Kelp Cubes in my local [STORE NAME] in [CITY/STATE]!”

Let your favorite stores know that you’d like to see Atlantic Sea Farms kelp on their shelves! We will send your request onto the store too, letting them know that their customers want to buy our delicious superfood kelp ðŸŒ± 

try the seaside sunrise smoothie!

Did you know that the cranberry seeds pack powerful nutrition? We’re pretty excited about this new, upcycled ingredient, that has 1.6x more dietary fiber than chia or flax, and is a good source of zinc! Plus, the cranberries we use come from regenerative farms which support the health and conservation of natural resources. 

Try the recipe today!

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