Meet Our Farmers

Meet our partner farmers

Our ocean is changing – and many coastal economies are almost entirely dependent on wild fisheries. 

But there is hope - fishing families are known for ingenuity, stewardship, and fierce independence. That’s why we knew that working with our own fishing communities to cultivate kelp is the best way to #kelptheearth. Together we are helping to diversify coastal incomes, reduce ocean acidification, and, by working alongside our neighbors, grow, harvest, and share delicious, sustainable, and mineral-rich sea greens with the world.

We identify, and work with, working waterfront communities to help them start their own kelp farms. We provide technical assistance to help these farmers get farm leases, set up their gear, learn how to seed and harvest, and support their business planning. We also provide free seeds to all of our farmers. These people are the soul of our business and we are proud to introduce you to them.

Are you a fisherman looking to diversify into kelp farming?
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