Why Atlantic Sea Farms Kelp?

Seaweed has been named a top food trend year after year, yet 98% of the seaweed eaten in the US is grown overseas.

Atlantic Sea Farms is changing that by offering the first sustainable and reliable source of fresh, domestic seaweed on the market, processed in our SQF Certified facility. We are ready to help elevate your brand, menu, product, and mission with The Virtuous Vegetable––Kelp!

Kelp is not only one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, but it is also a zero input, carbon negative crop with measurable impacts on the health of our oceans and economies in the face of climate change. Seaweed is one of the fastest growing ingredients in the US because of its climate hero capabilities, but who and where you source from matters!

Atlantic Sea Farms

We are a women-run Maine company, working with a community of partner farmers to grow and share the highest quality seaweed on the market. Our goal is to provide new and diversified ways for fishing families to continue to work on the water in the face of climate change through regenerative seaweed aquaculture. Together, we are disrupting the US market by making our clean, domestic, mission-driven supply chain available to chefs and product developers nationwide. 

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The best part is, our products are easy to use!
For the first time, superfood kelp is flash frozen right off the farm, processed in our SQF Certified facility, and ready to enjoy in a number of different ways. Our robust food safety and processing standards mean that you get the product, pack sizes, and guarantees you expect from best in class ingredients. We offer blanched, shredded, pureed, powdered, fermented, and whole leaf raw kelp products in pack sizes from ten to one thousand pounds. 

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Looking for ideas as to how to innovate with kelp?

We’re ready!

We love working with chefs and product developers to bring kelp to the table. From soups, salads, sauces, and pestos to baked goods, pastas, crackers, chips, and plant based seafoods, we have all sorts of delicious ideas up our sleeves and are ready to roll them up and work together. 

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