Tada! Here it is – we are the same awesome company who started the first commercially viable seaweed farm in the U.S. over 10 years ago – but with an all new team and a new look (and some really really awesome new products!).

We chose to change our name to Atlantic Sea Farms because our dedication to farming sustainable seaweed in our clean, cold waters is at the base of everything we do. We all love getting to work every day with the knowledge that we are building a supply chain and a product that embodies the essence of regenerative agriculture and good taste!

We know that growing beautiful, line-grown kelp is good for the ocean, we know that our products are delicious, and we know that seaweed farming can provide a viable supplemental income for Maine’s coastal fishermen. After years of working with awesome restaurants, chefs, colleges, and universities, we are thrilled to be able to offer these products to the home cook.

If you love to eat and improve the planet while doing it, order online or ask your favorite restaurant or store to start carrying these products.

Cultivating sea greens gives us hope for a food system that does no harm and gives back. We hope you will join our effort to put kelp at the center of the plate in American restaurants and homes. 

Bri, CEO and Proud Kelper

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