You will not be able to reach the ASF team on November 3rd. We will be helping to get out the vote. We will be working as poll monitors. We will be exercising our democratic right to vote. Election day is, and always will be, a staff holiday.

At Atlantic Sea Farms, we spend every day working to improve our environment and help our coast adapt to, and mitigate some of the effects of, climate change. Our social and environmental missions are at the core of everything we do, and we feel an unprecedented sense of urgency.

The Gulf of Maine is warming faster than 99% of oceans worldwide and our communities are experiencing the effects of coastal flooding and more acidic oceans. Marine species are migrating at an unpredictable and alarming rate. By farming kelp we, and our partner farmers, are doing our part to help improve our environment – we estimate that we will have removed about 80,000lbs of carbon from the ocean in just three growing seasons by the end of 2021. But we know it isn’t enough if there isn’t a coordinated effort by governments and people across the planet to make meaningful and drastic changes to reduce our negative impact on this world.

But there is hope.

Technology in renewable and clean energy continues to advance every day. Governments throughout the world have set ambitious emissions reduction goals and are aggressively working to meet those goals. Consumers are asking important questions about where their food comes from and making conscious decisions about how their purchase power affect the planet. Many habitat restoration and endangered species programs are reaching critically important milestones.

On November 3, the planet’s health is on the ballot. The U.S. can be a leader in ensuring that our children grow up in a world where oceans team with life, where the air is clean to breathe, and where our food system is regenerative rather than extractive.

On November 3rd, we will be at the polls.

Please join us –

The Atlantic Sea Farms team

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