Women Lead: Finding Kelp in All the Right Places

Women Lead: Finding Kelp in All the Right Places

Women's History Month at Atlantic Sea Farms

Our team is covering a lot of ground in March, and we hope to see you out there! You'll find our women-led company at the forefront of regenerative food discussions from New England to California, Texas, and Alaska over only a few short weeks.

And this is on the heels of an incredible few months of our staff learning and laying the groundwork for a more equitable and climate resilient food system in partnership with The Nature Conservancy in New Zealand, The World Wildlife Fund in the Faroe islands, and The Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center in Scandanavia. To top it all off, we are excited for Justin Papkee, one of our most experienced partner farmers, and our supply staff to head to Korea to learn about what harvest season looks like there and help us improve our own practices here in Maine in April with The World Wildlife Fund.

While the audiences may change, our message rings clear: Atlantic Sea Farms is providing new ways for fishermen to diversify their income in the face of climate change and improve coastal livelihoods, all while putting delicious, nourishing, award-winning food on consumers' plates through regenerative sea-farming practices.


Maine Fishermens Forum
March 2-4, Rockport, Maine
Panel: Innovation and Resilience in Maine's Seafood Economy
Speaking: Bri Warner, CEO
Panel: Balancing Perspectives- Commercial Fishermen and the Aquaculture Leasing Process
Speaking: Partner farmers Josh Conover and Jeff Putnam

ExpoWest Climate Day
March 7, Anaheim, CA
Lightning Round: Innovative Approaches to Building Circularity in our Food System
Speaking: Bri Warner, CEO

March 10, Anaheim, CA
Making Waves: Emerging Brands Driving Innovation in Seafood CPG
Speaking: Zoe Croft, Director of Sales

SxSW: Future of Food
March 10-11, Austin, TX
Speaking: Bri Warner, CEO

Seafood Expo North America
March 13, Boston, MA
Defining the Ideal Seafood Supplier and Ideal Seafood Customer
Speaking: Jesse Baines, CMO

Ocean Visions Summit
April 5, Atlanta, GA
Building Coastal Resiliency Through Regenerative Seaweed Aquaculture
Speaking: Jesse Baines, CMO

Notes from Alaska

Mariculture community eyes growth

Atlantic Sea Farms Seaweed Supply & Advancement Manager, Liz Johndrow, and Seaweed Supply & Innovation Manager, Thew Suskiewicz, recently visited our friends to the west for the Mariculture Conference of Alaska. Liz was asked to speak and share our mission and model with the community as Alaska explores and prepares to invest heavily in the opportunities of seaweed farming for their own coastal communities.