It was a banner year! Let’s grow even more good in 2023

It was a banner year! Let’s grow even more good in 2023

Together, we are building resiliency in coastal communities in the face of climate change, and adding more nourishing, regeneratively grown food to plates across the country. 

Thank you for always showing up, enjoying our products at home, sending us your recipe ideas, asking your local restaurants and grocery stores to put kelp on the menu, and making a difference. 

We have exciting plans for the New Year, but for now, there’s much to celebrate about 2022!

photo by Nicole Wolf

Together, we;

Expanded our community of partner farmers

None of this work would be possible without the spirit, grit, and collaboration of our partner farmers. As of this seeding season we are working with 30 small holder fisher farmers and family-run marine businesses, all working to diversify and build a more resilient future for their families and communities. They are innovative, determined, and are building thriving seaweed farming businesses. 

Harvested a record-breaking amount of kelp

Every one of our partner farmers are small family businesses who are collectively making a big splash, and today we represent over 80% of the cultivated seaweed in the country. Long Island, Maine took the prize for leading the US in pounds of kelp harvested, and fisherman and partner kelp farmer Justin Papkee shared the full (and very cold) Long Island seaweed farming experience with the Magnolia Network's Chef Katie Button and the "From the Source" film crew. We had a blast hosting a community celebration and viewing party on the island this summer.

Added kelp to more shelves across the country

You’ve likely seen our sales team at events, tastings, and cooking demos from Maine to California and everywhere in between. Collectively they have put kelp on the menu in campus dining halls, fine dining, fast casual, corner stores, grocery chains, fish markets, and even snacks, pet treats, and dressings across the country. Today you can find Atlantic Sea Farms products in over 2,000 locations from Maine to Hawaii!

Worked in 7 different countries!

Atlantic Sea Farms’ social and environmental missions are making a splash here in the US, and coastal communities all over the world are looking for viable ways to build resiliency in the face of climate change. From panel discussions in Davos during the World Economic Forum, to tech transfer trips in South Korea, Sweden, and the Faroe Islands, we have been sharing and learning from leaders in food and regenerative aquaculture all over the world.

    Fully moved into a new HQ

    From seed nursery to fermentation room and everything in between, the work and innovation happening in our newly built-out, best-in-class facility is the rising tide lifting all boats. Every single team member here at Atlantic Sea Farms shows up every day ready to do what it takes to make a positive impact for coastal communities, and we couldn't be prouder of this crew.

    Support grew for our idea

    When you have your head down getting it done, it’s sometimes a surprise to have that hard work acknowledged. None of these awards would have been possible without the leadership of our partner farmers and the diligence of our incredible team of optimists. 

    • Fast Company Brands that Matter Award
    • Governor’s Award for Business Excellence, Heritage Industry Award
    • NEXTY Award for Best New Product Supporting a Plant Based Lifestyle
    • Good Food Awards 
    • BONUS: Whole Foods Names Kelp a Top 10 Food Trend!

    Brought some good news to 'News'

    “Hope, when it comes to climate change, is a fierce thing.” That’s how journalist Stephanie Hanes summed up our work in The Monitor, and we couldn’t agree more. This community of seaweed farmers and every team member here at Atlantic Sea Farms are inspiring hope in our food systems, in our coastal communities, and, we believe, with you. Thank you to all of those who have shared this story with their readership and own communities. Here’s a taste!

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    • Christian Science Monitor: Seaweed Inc. As Climate Threatens Lobster, Maine Eyes New Cash Crop
    • Washington Post: Seaweed Helps  Maine Ride the Storm of Climate Change
    • Civil Eats: 22 Solutions-Focused Stories on the Food System in 2022

    Good food should do good. Happy New Year!

    ~Team Kelp