HIRING: Chief Growth Officer

HIRING: Chief Growth Officer

Job Announcement - Atlantic Sea Farms

Chief Growth Officer

Atlantic Sea Farms (ASF) is a first mover with a robust social and environmental mission and ambitious growth goals. We are building an entirely new industry in the US and are dedicated to creating an industry with integrity - one that helps our coastal communities adapt to and mitigate some of the effects of climate change while providing customers with one of the healthiest, most climate friendly foods on the planet. Atlantic Sea Farms is unique and vertically integrated in the truest sense - creating and developing kelp seed, managing farming and harvest operations, processing kelp in house, developing products for the retail, ingredient, and food service channels and marketing and selling these products. The Growth Officer role will be the first of its kind at ASF and will be responsible for overseeing and implementing strategies to increase revenue and drive growth. This position will require a candidate who has strong experience in marketing and sales - both at the tactical and strategic level - in high-growth food businesses, excellent problem-solving skills, is creative and adaptable, optimistic and dedicated, and is an effective and empathetic manager and team builder. This is a full-time position reporting to the CEO.

Essential Duties:

  • Oversee sales and marketing teams and coordinate with staff to create and implement strategy around expanding existing sales channels within the food service, retail, and ingredient space 
  • Set and implement strategies that increase market share and substantially accelerate revenue growth
  • Analyze and identify new opportunities for growth through new markets and products and work across teams to successfully execute on these opportunities
  • Support key sales accounts and set and implement goals and strategy to drive velocity
  • Collect, analyze, and track sales trends to help inform growth strategy and develop and implement strategies and tactical support as needed to drive sales. Leverage brand and category insights to develop and implement strategies across all sales channels. 
  • Effectively work across the vertically integrated team to ensure growth goals are in line with capacity and supply and meet overall company objectives
  • Develop and manage budgets relating to growth goals and deploy funds efficiently and effectively in a start-up environment
  • Develop and implement analytical tools to support, track, and manage revenue growth strategies
  • Act as a strong representative of ASF’s mission in the many outward facing opportunities that the company creates to educate consumers, build awareness of our brand and mission, and drive trial
  • Support, develop, and mentor team members to excel in their positions and drive growth and innovation
  • Regularly create, and report on, key progress and metrics to ASF BOD
  • Work daily and directly with CEO to address and solve challenges as needed
  • Other duties as required


  • Extensive experience leading sales and brand development in high-growth food companies
  • A strong track record of driving growth and revenue in food businesses (preferably 50M+ revenue) 
  • Substantial marketing and campaign experience resulting in highly successful product launches and brand development
  • Strong data and analytical skills and an ability to turn data into action to effectively grow velocities and customers
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills that compel and motivate innovative, dedicated, and high performing teams
  • Ambitious and relentless focus on meeting and exceeding goals in order to amplify our positive impact
  • Proven problem-solving skills with a self-starting mindset
  • Highly analytical approach in building revenue streams
  • An ability and excitement to both think strategically and roll up your sleeves and tactically implement effective strategies and campaigns
  • Works collaboratively with company departments to execute on the strategic goals set by the organization
  • An ability to build and maintain budgets and create strategies that align with the realities of a start-up
  • Outgoing, positive, energetic attitude
  • Willingness to work in a constantly changing startup environment
  • Strategic and long-term thinking
  • Patience, a sense of humor, and a sense of humility and optimism


  • 10+ years of experience in sales, marketing, revenue and P&L management,  and data analytics required.


  • This position would be paid an annual base salary in addition to a performance-based bonus, have access to the company’s health benefits package, paid vacation and is eligible for participation in the company’s stock options plan. 

To inquire, please email Briana Warner - bwarner@atlanticseafarms.com