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Atlantic Sea Farms is a woman-run, mission-driven seaweed farming company. We are dedicated to making a powerful and positive impact on the health of our customers, our coastal communities, and our planet by creating delicious products made from regeneratively farmed sea greens.

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Our award-winning kelp products are found in grocery stores across the country, and are ready for you to enjoy at home every day. From your morning smoothies and lunchtime rice bowl to veggie burger night, our kelp makes everything more nourishing (and delicious!).

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We are the first domestic seaweed supplier at scale in the US, and provide rope grown, regenerative, domestic, family-farmed seaweed to grocery and private label brands, restaurants, meal-kit companies, campus and corporate dining, and everyone in between

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Check out our selection of kelp pantry staples now exclusively on Amazon! Sprinkle this traceable delicious seaweed on anything – from sauces, soups, dressings, and even snacks.

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Discover our products in grocery stores, co-ops, seafood markets and health food shops across the country.

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Climate Action

We’re here to prove that regenerative, family-farmed seaweed is the perfect food. Today’s food systems may not have been designed with farmers success and consumer health in mind, but we know that there is hope for a future that nourishes everyone along the way… including our seas and soil.


Kelp farming creates opportunities for fishing families to adapt to climate change and continue working on the water sustainably.


Kelp farming improves ocean health by removing excess carbon and locally mitigating effects of ocean acidification.


Kelp farming restores hope in our food systems with a bountiful zero input crop that grows without the need for land, fresh water, fertilizer, or feed, fueled only by the sun and ocean nutrients.

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When plant based superfood really means something…

Kelp is a great source of thyroid-supporting iodine, and contains over 20 other vitamins and minerals: iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B12, and magnesium, plus soluble fiber and antioxidant-promoting phytochemicals.

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Good Food

Should do good

Let’s share more stories about the food system working for people and planet. We couldn’t be prouder of the hope for a more climate resilient future and delicious kelp-based recipes featured in the news lately!

“Want to eat one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, one that’s great for the environment and actually helps sustain local Maine fishing communities, too? Of course you do. So start buying kelp.”

“Atlantic Sea Farms brought a new sea faring ingredient to the plant-based protein aisle … ”

“Like that accessible jar of peanut butter, Spicy Gochujang Seaweed Salad is hard to refrain from snacking on it, but why would you?”.”

“As businesses look to be better corporate citizens, these companies stood as examples of how to prioritize their local and global communities.”

“What we’re doing …is giving people hope and an opportunity to take hold of their own future in the face of an uncertain climate.”